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Sarafina Hüsgen (born 1997 in Freiburg), is a motion designer and soon to be game artist, who loves animation!

*Nerd Alert* Sarafina was always that girl in class who loved to draw and liked anime, disney and superhero movies. Thats why she decided to study Film + Motion Design at University of Applied Science Europe (UE/ BTK) in Berlin to make her drawings come to life. She gradiuated University 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

In October 2020 Sarafina began to study Game Graphics at the

S4G School for Games GmbH, Berlin.

Animation is great! It makes the unpossible possible! Sarafina likes all kinds of animation. Not only digital, but also analog. Not only 2D but also 3D or a mix of both techniques. She can also adapt the style the project needs.



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