• Sarafina Hüsgen

What exectly are Game Cinematics?

There is a lot of creative and narrative potentional in game cinematics. They can tell the story of a game, when its not possible ingame ( eg. because of the game genre). But what exectly are game cinematics? This is a topic I was thinking a lot in my bachelor thesis. Everybody are talking about it, but it seems like nobody really defined it. A lot of people think cinematics and cutscenes are the same, but thats just halfway true.

I first differentiate between:

- cinematics, that are inside the game:

cutscenes, ingame cinematics (real time rendered)

- cinematic, that are outside the game:

cinematic trailer (story, battle, event), musicvideos

The main goal of cinematics inside the game is to bring the story forward. You often need these kinds of cinematics in game genres like adventure, action-adventure, rpg.

The main goal of cinematics outside a game is mostly promotion either for the game itself, a character, skins or a special event like world championship. These cinematics have the potential to generate a hype and to recuite new player.

The graphic from the cinematic is often the same, the same but in higher more polished quality or is completley diffrent. That depends on the goal of the cinematic. Is the main goal to promote the graphic and energy of the game, the graphic of the cinematic will be similar. Is the main goal of the cinematic to tell the story of the game, then you will have more freedom in the style and get a more suitable graphic specifically for the story.

So here are the basic informations you need to know about game cinematics.

You can also check my cinematic out, that I did for the Game "Tree of Dreams"

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